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Predgeneset predicted genes ( published )
AutoPredgeneset automatically predicted genes
Genscan_human GENSCAN(1.0) with human/vertebrate matrix(HumanIso.smat)
fgenesh_anopheles FGENESH(2.0) with Anopheles
fgenesh_celegans FGENESH(2.0) with C_elegans
fgenesh_drosophila FGENESH(2.0) with Drosophila
blastn_cDNA Blastn against cDNA(sw_cDNA_partial_all) database
blastn_cDNA_98_20 Blastn against cDNA(sw_cDNA_partial_all) database, percent id > 98%, expectation value < 1e-20
blastx_nr Blastx against nr database
blastx_nr_vcut Blastx against nr database, score > 60, expectation value < 1e-20
mzef mzef_HUMAN
printrepeats200 printrepeats threshold 200
printrepeats100 printrepeats threshold 100
RepeatMasker RepeatMasker(20020713) against Drosophilas repeats
tRNAscan tRNAscan-SE(1.12)
SplicePredictor SplicePredictor(2.1) with Drosophila matrix