GFSelectorK: Gene Function Selector for KAIKO (Silkworm)

GFSelectorK is a bioinformatics resource for KAIKO (Silkworm) functional genomics. It provides a computational classification of predicted genes and assignment of unique biological function.

GFselectorK is based on GFSelector in RiceGAAS system.

• Analysis for Your Genomic Sequences
The system supports analyses for your query genomic sequence and graphical view including gene domain prediction and functional assignment for the predicted genes (by combined system of KAIKOGAAS and GFSelectorK). In order to use this service, you must register your e-mail address and password. This procedure is necessary to protect your data from another user.
GFSelecrtorK Output Image
Flowchart for Classification and Assignment of Function:
Flowchart to predict the gene function in rice